August 1, 2017

Updates 8/1


  • Producer Create/Edit  - Ability to create and administer producer instances from "/producer/create" or "/producer/edit/ID" respectively.
  • Producer Provider Matrix  - For internal use, allowing our team to reference which providers are listed as resellers of each of our producer clients.



  • Providers can now use the "hide product pricing" preference. This will also display products without pricing.
  • filter URL param supports provider filters. See the URL docs for details.
  • lockToFilter  URL parameter added for Shop. See the URL docs for details. Can be used for provider or product filters.
  • Provider filtering is now done in a cumulative manner, so selecting multiple categories will only show providers that have all the categories selected. Previously it was on any provider that matched any of the filters.



  • Added a provider filter to only show providers with products (this is currently not available to the end user, it can only be applied via the above url parameters).
  • Providers listed in store locator with empty menus have an out of stock badge.



  • Provider Edit update to support non-client providers.
  • Revamped Orders Page backend for Performance enhancement.



  • New report for provider user's loyalty point summaries.
  • End users can now request an email link to reset their password.
  • Updated URL Parameter docs:



  • Checkin List in Baker Checkin Center can now scroll
  • #149420245 - Producer checkin preferences now updating after saving in kitchen
  • #147941271 - Producer checkin now asks user for preferences again after the producer updates their preferences in kitchen
  • #141516985 - Background video for provider loyalty checkin now acknowledges new video after preferences update
  • #149436041 - fixed filtering for categories in store locator
  • Fixed issue with provider analytics that was causing it to error out
  • #149584497 - Stores with a menu but not online ordering wouldn't have a badge on the map popup
  • Fixed issue that was erroring out analytics pages for providers with zero sms campaigns
  • Fixed another issue where analytics errored out because of another change with how we calculate sms conversions
  • Fixed issue where Chain page was fetching chain providers twice
  • Fixed issue where initial search without lat/lon could erroneously return 0 providers
  • Fixed issue that let you click into coming soon providers
  • #146295083 Fixed issue where raffles could not be delivered
  • #148376797: Fixed issue where loyalty points show negative balances after program changes.
  • #143458035 - Fixed edge case issue where user A tries to link to user B's receipt
  • Fixed a few issues with how receipts work for non locked in experiences
  • Minor cleanups:
    • Oregon T&C updated banner entirely disabled
    • Highlighting and border styles fixed on Med / Rec toggle dropdown
    • Cart badge border radius fixed on grid items