August 15, 2017

Updates 8/14


  • Patient Intake  - Businesses can now create their own customizable web form, allowing customers to submit an application for their medical membership. The form setup process is designed for ultimate flexibility. 



  • Complete font set update!
  • Loyalty tab will not appear when locked to a provider without a loyalty program
  • End users can now request an email link to reset their password #148456567
  • Implemented better use of user's location when redirecting to provider list from profile pages



  • Can now set a default image for products, only list stores with online ordering/items in stock, and default products to list view.



  • Added Intercom to producer kitchen



  • Fixed a layout issue when doing a product search
  • #149857380 - providers appearing as out of stock when searching for products
  • Fixed issue that was causing scheduled text messages to be not be sent.
  • Fixed issue that was causing connect marketing messages to not be sent.
  • #TR37 Fixed issue that was causing order alert messaging to not be sent.
  • #148376797: Fixed issue where loyalty points show negative balances after program changes.
  • Oregon T&C updated banner entirely disabled
  • Highlighting and border styles fixed on Med / Rec toggle dropdown
  • Cart badge border radius fixed on grid items
  • #143458035 - Fixed edge case issue where user A tries to link to user B's receipt
  • Fixed a few issues with how receipts work for non locked in experiences
  • #144975339 - Producer connect URLs now functioning as expected
  • #149526553 - Checkin and Redemptions now reset user activity in Customer Center
  • Fixed issue where map on Shop would sometimes not move the center red dot when redoing search
  • Fixed bug with legacy sms conversion calculations that was causing massive amounts of Sentry errors