August 31, 2017

Updates 8/31


  • Patient Intake V1.1  - Updates ready for Beta clients EOD tomorrow 9/1. Updates include:
    • URL Parameter for PI Kiosk mode (all fields will be cleared once a user submits form; timed reset due to inactivity)
    • 'How did you hear about us' drop down support custom field entry
    • Hellosign full error handling
    • Removed phone number verification requirement in PI flow. 
      Note: when signing a document, a state ID must be uploaded
    • As a patient, I will not see "Name of Previous Provider" or "Number of Plants" inputs unles I check "I have a previous provider"
    • Form language for Med Card/Dr. Rec updates automatically by state
    • Remove step in PI form if all inputs are removed from that step
    • As a provider, I will see all unverified customers at the top of the unfiltered customer list
    • PI data push directly into MJFW to create a new patient record


  • Treez phase 1 inventory sync!
  • Flowhub image support for inventory sync 
  • Optimized Greenbits menu sync for faster processing


Cell Collect

  • Cell collect now includes  option to indication med/rec status for Producers & Med/Rec providers
  • Updates to mobile optimization
  • Phone input font update


  • Fixed in product attribution while using a filter in
  • Resolved cacheing issue for Chain connect filter by location
  • Updated error message on shop when user uploads wrong filer type. New error message: "Please use JPG or PNG files only"
  • "Earn Points Via" setting in provider edit now being respected for all loyalty program types
  • Fix for client whose users received points per dollar retroactively. Reports on provider loyalty points now accessible via:
  • Update to verification SMS to decrease delays -- Verification SMS message is now sending rom provider transactional phone number
  • Updates to Contact Import for all providers, inlcuding those with MJFW Patient Backfill enabled. See full details on these updates HERE
  • Shop fixes to promo logic including updates to cart saving functionality -- This affects the user experience when adding and replacing promos in a single session
  • Fix to expanded image view for ID & Med card verification
  • Shop  & Store Locator - searching by state now yields results
  • Fix to show promos in "specials" tab for desktop list view when no featured products exist
  • Fix to loading issue when custom interests are collected via Checkin