September 15, 2017

Updates 9/15


  •  Patient Intake MJFW enhancement: When a new patient goes through PI flow, data will be automatically pushed to MJFW 


  • 'Med Card' copy update to replace all instances of 'Medical Card' with "Medical Card or Doctor's Recommendation'
  • Purchase limit review for all territories. More Info


  • Customer Center Refactor: Now paginating data in customer center to improve load time
  • Cell collect embed code can now be found in provider and prodcuer preferences
  • 'Force users to accept membership agreement' is now a button in preferences


  • 'Request ID Upload' option in preferences now saving properly for providers
  • Fix to editing and saving Producer as Baker Admin
  • Now able to save 'disabled' user status in Baker Admin user table
  • Updated spelling of "Qualifying Condition" in customer card
  • Download of .csv export from Customer Center now successful for all providers
  • Fix to PI error message in verification/rejection flow in Customer Center
  • Store Locator - fix to 'Out of Stock' button appearing on some shop when products are in stock